My Spice Rack: A Piece of Furniture Unto Itself

Pick a jar. Any jar!

This is just a portion of the “spice rack” in my kitchen, which contains all kinds of spices, seeds, seasonings, oils, vinegars, sweeteners and other goodies I use to put the finishing touches on just about everything I make. The shelf was originally made to store DVDs.

Can you imagine what my kitchen cupboard looked like before I got this thing?! Most of them were stored on a rolling rack that had little sliding drawers. But it was impossible to find what I needed on a whim. I needed a way that I could see all of my spices at once, like books on a shelf.

So, here it is: my spice library!

Read more about it in the comments section of this clever Food52 kitchen organization post.

  1. Rita

    WOW!! I love the way it looks. So neat and organized.. You
    are a grea vigan chef. Congratulations!!
    I’m sure one day you’ll have your own tv show.

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